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  This is a family heritage cemetery. Folks that reside here are Family. We are maintained by family
 We formed this website for us in order to maintain, preserve our family heritage who are at rest at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Pine Castle, Florida. The cemetery is in South Orlando. A place referred affectionately as Pine Castle.
   Our fore bearers were hardy Pioneers who came here from all parts to start a new life in a land that was in stark contrast to the mega theme park land it is today.
    From turpentining to cattle and orange groves, the pioneers made a living on this land.
  The Pine Castle came from Will Wallace Harney and his settlement here. He was a columnist for a northern newspaper and his accounts of life and his iconic home he built here on the shores of  Lake Conway only beckoned people to join him in this historic place
                 " Pine Castle"
   The Cemetery dates back to the 1840's when this area began to receive settlers in Pine Castle.
  The one-acre of land was given to the "People of Pine Castle and their descendants" for a burying ground. The original land transaction was lost in a fire at the courthouse and through the years the Pioneer families of Pine Castle have maintained the Cemetery through themselves. By succeeding generations it was common place to come to an unofficial conclusion about cemetery affairs amongst it's elders.
 Now we are "official". Funny how "we" have become "our elders". In this day and age, when every little thing has to be on paper, in triplicate and documented, we thought it necessary to preserve, maintain our family cemetery.
william wright dink Patrick is buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Pine Castle, Florida
We have notables such as the first Sheriff of Orange County, Florida way back when it was first called Mosquito County! W.W. "Drink" Patrick  
"Granny" Nancy Hansel Harris who walked to this area from Georgia after General Sherman destroyed her home in the Civil War. She is the one that is credited with most of us ending up being related to one another through a once tight knit community.
 We are all related through marriages and directly to one another. Our fore bearers created family and their descendants moved their lineage further down to the present day. Whether you are at one of our two glorious Baptist or Methodist Churches, Old Dixie Fried Chicken, Pine Castle Hardware, or Rossi's Pizza you will find us. We are the Pioneer Families of Pine Castle..
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